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Want to train with your whole group? Vaportrail 24/7 works with groups of any size and we help you nail down what your goals are. With both indoor and outdoor facilities, the possibilities are endless. Vaportrail 24/7 will come to your facility or field! We stand behind our training programs, so, are you ready?

Sport Specific Training

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The first step in any training process is understanding the goals of your group and for what sport they are specific to. While Vaportrail 24/7 offers training for general fitness, we pride ourselves on working with athletes for a specific goal and purpose. Come to us with your sport and we breakdown every aspect of not only how your group can function better, but how to keep those results long term.

The second step in achieving goals specific to your sport is by using exercises that develop the right muscles in the right ways. With over 20 years of experience, Thomas Hughes brings out the best in athletes with a defined purpose. Establish your goals, and let us help you achieve them and more. Work with your group and train with a purpose!

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